About Us

Our CEO:

Because of the large female presence in my life, I became the youngest feminist in my family. I would start small petitions at school to stop the inequality in girl's sports. My love for the justice system and equality continued to grow as I got older.

Growing up, I had always loved makeup. My mother would constantly find her palettes destroyed or completely used up. By the age of 9, I started my own makeup account on Instagram. I had always been an artistic person and my love for makeup continued to grow. I've done collabs, countless makeup looks, promotions, etc. My struggle with anxiety, depression, and ADHD had become managed with this growing passion. Makeup was my coping mechanism and form of self expression. As I grew, it became a mask instead of a form of art. My confidence levels dropped and I felt ugly with and without.

Today, I use my platform to promote self love. When I started Golden Fix Cosmetics, I knew that I wanted my experiences to be translated into our products and overall brand. Every product name has a special meaning behind it. Our packaging has hearts to remind people of the love we have for them and the love they should have for themselves. As a business owner, I wanted to do good and use my education to help those in need. Now, we donate 10% of our profits towards ending period poverty.

I am forever proud of our accomplishments and can't wait to continue the growth with our customers.

Sofia Holck


Our Mission:

We sell vegan, cruelty free, high quality, and affordable cosmetics. Our goal is to grow with our audience and create an empowering/uplifting community. On Instagram, we constantly promote kindness, equality, and speak out against taboos. We encourage our audience to be loud and proud with their voices.

By starting a movement, we hope to educate more people about injustices in our society such as period poverty. As a business, one of our priorities is to bring joy, positivity, and love to people worldwide. Because of this, Golden Fix donates 10% of our profits to #happyperiod.

Happy Period is a nonprofit organization that helps break the taboo surrounding menstruation. They provide menstrual hygiene kits to the homeless/low income people, members of the LGBTQ+ community, teens, veterans, and the disabled. Golden Fix will always, and continue to support women. We constantly try to educate our customers on period poverty, body positivity, self love, etc.

We appreciate the love and support from everyone thus far.

Golden Fix Cosmetics